Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal

What happens if we pluck white hair?

Plucking white hair will simply cause the hair to grow back in 6-8 weeks. Adverse reactions to plucking white hair include painful ingrown hairs, and possibly stimulating nearby hair follicles to grow. Electrolysis is the best solution to remove white hairs.

Is electrolysis better than laser hair removal?

Electrolysis is categorically more effective than laser in permanent hair removal. Laser works well at reducing the hair density of large areas of hair quickly. However, electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that guarantees permanence.

Is laser or electrolysis more expensive?

At first glance, laser may appear to be more cost effective than electrolysis. However, keep the following facts in mind: 1. Laser hair removal is not permanent. Many laser technicians will inform you that you will likely have to continue purchasing packages and “touching up” your laser treatments throughout your life. This maintenance will add up over time. Despite being more labor intensive, electrolysis is more cost effective and permanent on smaller treatment areas (like the upper lip). For larger treatment areas, laser may be more cost-effective up front, but the chances of needing to spend more later to maintain laser hair reduction are quite high. With electrolysis, you’re paying for permanence.

Is electrolysis more permanent than laser hair removal?

Electrolysis is more permanent than laser hair removal. Sometimes laser clients believe their hair as been permanently removed. In actuality, the laser has simply arrested the hair growth, causing it to regrow slower and finer than it was before. In some rare cases, laser can actually stimulate hair growth and cause fine hairs to grow longer and coarser. This is called laser-induced paradoxical hypertrichosis.

Why is electrolysis not popular?

Electrolysis is growing in popularity. It is not as popular as laser because laser takes less time during each session. But many laser clients find themselves eventually seeking electrolysis to permanent remove the hairs that laser could not destroy. Electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that can guarantee permanent elimination.

Does hair grow back finer after electrolysis?

Hair should not grow back at all after electrolysis. However, occasionally a treated hair may not have been treated with enough energy to disable the follicle permanently. In that case, the hair will return in a finer, weakened state.

What is better electrolysis or laser?

Electrolysis is superior to laser for permanent hair removal. Both electrolysis and laser are effective means of permanent hair reduction. However, only electrolysis is guaranteed for permanent hair removal.

What is the difference between laser and electrolysis?

Laser hair removal uses laser light to deliver radiation to hair follicles. Electrolysis uses energy currents to permanently disable hair growth in each individual follicle. Laser works best on skin that is light and hair that is dark, since the laser has difficult time differentiating dark skin from dark hair or light skin from light hair. Electrolysis can be used on all skin tones and hair colors. Laser slows the hair growth process, permanently disabling only a fraction of the treated hairs. Electrolysis permanently prevents hair growth completely.

Is electrolysis more painful than laser?

The sensation you feel when undergoing electrolysis is different from laser, but similar in intensity. Many clients find electrolysis to be more tolerable than laser and even waxing. The beauty of electrolysis is that your technician can adjust the settings to work around your comfort level. Topical anesthetics are also an option to help more sensitive clients through their appointments.

Is electrolysis better than laser for PCOS?

For permanent hair removal, electrolysis is far more effective on clients with PCOS. Laser hair removal may significantly reduce the density of facial hair, but some of the hairs may simply be weakened by the laser and will return later. Electrolysis treats each hair individually, greatly improving your chances of remaining hair free for years to come.

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