About Us

Dearest Friends, 

Welcome to my electrology corner. In addition to learning about my services, I hope this site serves as a valuable tool for you to learn more about the process of electrolysis. I look forward to meeting you!



I’ve worn many hats in my life and this is by far the most exciting. My name is Chizoba Udeorji, licensed electrologist, cosmetic tattoo artist, collagen induction therapist, and devoted skincare student.

I’ve come across people from all walks of life with a variety of hair removal needs, many of whom have tried laser with subpar and sometimes devastating results. Unfortunately, many had never heard of electrolysis, assumed it was some other form of laser, or simply cannot access an electrologist locally. So this is why I’m here: to share my knowledge and passion with those around me, and hopefully give you all what electrolysis has given me.



Like so many electrologists, my introduction to this profession came from struggling with hirsutism caused by poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I joined a friend during one of her weekly electrolysis appointments and was fascinated by the process. Sign me up! I returned to the electrologist a few times, but as a graduate student I was short on time and money. I also worried about the quality of treatment I was receiving. My gut told me to investigate. I went home and read everything I could about the process. Then I came across this galvanic home device on Ebay and decided to try it:

I inserted the battery, turned the dial up 3/4ths of the way (bad idea!!!), inserted the needle and waited for 45 seconds. I grabbed my Revlon tweezers and watched as the hair slid out effortlessly with a glistening bulb at the end. I stared at it for a solid minute. How cool was that?!?! It worked! From that point on, I spent my Saturdays watching Netflix DVDs (remember those?) and working on my face. It only took a month for me to notice the difference, and I actually looked forward to my Saturday ritual.

For the record, I do NOT recommend doing this. I caused more than a few scars on my face, but I was willing to live with the scars if it meant I would be rid of my problem. Fortunately, the hair AND the scars disappeared-permanently. My DIY success is why I have an affinity for direct current, and it’s why I remain a huge fan of the blend method (though I use all modalities in my practice). I was hooked! I decided to seek formal training so I can help others with their hair removal goals and needs.



As a lover of history, media, and beauty, I’ve always admired images of great women of the past. Although I certainly don’t romanticize the political and social landscape, I find inspiration in the beauty and confidence of our foremothers: the tailored clothes, the coiffed hair, the Joan Crawford eyebrows. I love it all! Images from the past remind me to live a life of joy and contentment right now; to invest in people and experiences that affirm my best self.



Your electrolysis journey is an investment in your BEST self. Look and feel like the star of your own life. Let me help you get there.

Forever Grateful,

Bad Betty