Electrolysis Is Permanent

How long does electrolysis last for?

Electrolysis is permanent. However, the human body is dynamic and changes overtime. Hormonal shifts due to pregnancy, PCOS, menopause, and similar events can cause vellus hairs to become coarser and hormonal. When that happens, electrolysis can remove those hairs permanently too!

Is electrolysis expensive?

When you consider what the average person spends on laser, regularly waxing, sugaring, or threading appointments, and other forms of hair removal, electrolysis is a worthy investment of time and money for convenient and permanent hair removal. Electrolysis is not the most expensive skin or hair service available in Los Angeles.

How much do you spend on electrolysis?

Spending on electrolysis may vary based on location, density of hair in the target area being treated, and the size of the target area. Electrolysis is typically charged by the hour. On average, electrolysis in Los Angeles costs $140/hour.

Is electrolysis good for facial hair?

Electrolysis is the ideal form of hair removal for facial hair. Because it is permanent, you reduce the risk that comes with regularly irritating your face from shaving, waxing, threading, or harsh chemical depilatories. You also eliminate the risk of ingrown hairs, and long-term skin thickening and darkening from regular irritation. With electrolysis, permanent removal allows you to focus on healing and maintaining your skin, not removing facial hair!

How many electrolysis sessions are needed for facial hair?

For permanent facial hair removal, the number of electrolysis sessions needed depends on the size of the area and density of hair in the target treatment area. Because hair grows in cycles, multiple “clearances” will be needed to achieve permanent hair removal. A clearance is the complete removal of hair in the target area by electrolysis. For example, your upper lip may take 3 hours to achieve clearance during one electrolysis appointment. The subsequent appointment may take 90 minutes for full clearance, then 45 minutes, and soon. Each clearance will take less time until the target area is permanently hair free. View the following videos for more detail:

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