Pain Management

Now Offering Large-Volume & Marathon Electrolysis with Local Anesthesia/Numbing!
Reach your permanent hair removal goal faster with 4-8 hour marathon sessions. Multi-day sessions are also available.
Experience PAIN FREE electrolysis with local anesthetic.
Dual technician services can be arranged for qualified candidates.
Services offered at Metamorphosis Medical Center in Buena Park, CA.
Dr. Kristen Vierregger and her Staff at Metamorphosis Medical Center have been serving the Transgender, Non-binary, Gender-expansive, and gender-diverse community in Orange County, CA – and beyond! – since 2013.

Congratulations on taking the first step towards permanent hair removal!

One of the most common concerns among current and prospective electrolysis clients is the level of pain associated with this procedure. Each client experiences the process of electrolysis differently. Variables that impact theses experience are: the area of the body being treated (for example, the upper lip is more sensitive than the jaw line), your individual level of pain tolerance, the settings used by your electrologist, your consumption of certain foods/drinks, your overall health and wellness, and your current stress/anxiety levels. It’s difficult to predict how your body will respond to direct or alternating currents, but we always encourage clients to communicate discomfort so we can adjust accordingly. Electrolysis only works if you are committed to the process, and it’s much easier to stay committed if you can tolerate it.

We begin the hair removal process by assessing your hair removal needs and selecting a filament appropriate for your case. We choose the machine settings by starting with a low level of current and building up. This is the process of discovering your unique working point: the level of energy necessary to effectively epilate the hair in a given region of your body. The goal is to find the balance between a tolerable energy level for the you and a sufficient level of energy for successful epilation (where the hair slides out with little to no tension). We do not believe it is necessary or desirable to treat most hairs more than once, so we choose settings to achieve permanent removal as quickly as possible.

What should you do if you have low pain tolerance, or you’re receiving electrolysis treatment on a sensitive area?

In addition to maintaining a healthy mind and body (adequate rest, regular exercise, a healthy balanced diet, and adequate hydration) here are a few methods of pain management commonly used:


Mind Over Matter: Tune Out the Pain

The mind is a powerful pain management tool. Anxiety and stress before treatment means that your nervous system is already on alert and prepared to feel each and every insertion! Counteract this by utilizing deep, focused breathing techniques-before and during your appointment. Close your eyes and visualize yourself inhaling and exhaling each breath, redirecting your focus from the sensation of electrolysis to your breathing.

Another way to shift focus away from the source of discomfort is to cause a physical distraction. For example, if I’m working on your face and you use your right hand to grab and squeeze your left wrist, your attention will shift to experiencing sensation in another part of your body, reducing the attention given to the source of discomfort.

An active imagination can also go a long way in reducing the sensation of pain. Are you a daydreamer? Your appointment is the perfect time to plan your next great vacation or map out your next great project. Visualize the outcome you want and the steps you are going to take to achieve it.

If you’re not fond of daydreaming, We highly recommend bringing your headphones and your favorite music, podcast, audiobooks, or tablet with movies. Wi-Fi is available for your music and streaming apps. An hour-long appointment can feel like 15 minutes when you’re entertained! Unfortunately, conversation between myself and clients is limited due to covid, so we encourage the use of these devices-especially for longer appointments.

Over the Counter Pain Relievers

Some clients take OTC pain relievers like Ibuprofen or Tylenol before their appointments. We strongly encourage you to consult your medical provider before choosing a pain reliever, and never consume more than the recommended daily amount.

Numbing Creams, Injectables, and Sedatives

Injectables and sedatives can only be administered by a licensed medical provider and we are pleased to now offer this service in collaboration with Metamorphosis Medical Center! Click HERE to learn more.


Numbing creams are the most common approach to pain management for electrolysis. Lidocaine, benzocaine, epinephrine, and tetracaine are the most common active ingredients in most numbing agents. Topical anesthetics can be purchased over the counter at your local pharmacy, online, or with a prescription. Some creams are a compound of multiple anesthetic agents meant to provide the best numbing experience for the longest time possible. We recommend testing different formulations to find what works for you.